Energy Healing (One Hour)

Energy Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 60 British pounds
  • Online/Business Location

Service Description

Experience beautiful healing light remotely in the comfort of your own home, as well as in person. These types of healing are equally effective as energy is not bound by time or place. It accesses the individual’s energy field through the etheric body which holds the physical health information, shifting energy patterns and gently releasing what is no longer needed. The session Firstly, we will connect via private Zoom link or telephone if distance healing is your preferred method; alternatively, I’m happy to welcome you into my healing practice in Walthamstow so we can discuss your healing objectives and to connect with you energetically. Once our connection is established, I will call upon the highest form of divine light and spirit to support with the healing process which is aimed at clearing any blockages in your personal energetic field, to enable good health. Secondly, I’m intuitively guided to what you need in the session, from crystals and singing bowls to ancient symbols and I will use a combination of them to help your body and mind regain focus and balance. Crystals have been used since ancient civilization for their healing and metaphysical properties. It is the crystalline atomic structure combined with the chemical composition of the crystal that emits electromagnetic energy that gives the crystal its healing power. The healing can be spiritual and/or physical through the healing of the spiritual. Tibetan singing bowls - are one of the strongest musical instruments for healing and awakening with sound therapy and vibrations. The benefits of using these include: chakra balancing, improved circulation and blood flow, stress and anxiety reduction, improved immune system and deep relaxation. Antahkarana - the word originates in Sanskrit – Antar means “interior”, or “within”, and Karana means “sense”, or “organ”. This symbol neutralises and harmonises the energy around us. It has its own consciousness and works directly with your aura and chakras causing deep healing. After the session comes to a close, I will proceed to cleansing your auric field in order to ground your new energies into your physical body. The aura reflection has 7 layers, each layer representing a level of energy and connects with a chakra. The first three layers are related to the physical body; the next three layers are related to the spiritual body; the last and 7th layer is the connection with the Divine or Universe......