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A Bit About Me

I’m Dana, an innovative Energy Healer and qualified Reiki Therapist based in
London. I’m someone who’s been through the awakening and who now
knows how it feels to be transformed. I was inspired to work with the Reiki in
order to help my clients uncover the healing power within themselves, so that
they can bring their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing into balance.
Ever since childhood, I’ve always been able to perceive other people’s
energies, noticing even the most subtle nuances or changes thereof.
Oftentimes I also noticed the positive impact my own energy had on others
and this made me very happy; also, very curious at the same time. Of all my
subjects in school, science was my favourite one and I was keenly interested in the discoveries concerning energy. This is how I became with time a huge
fan of Nikola Tesla and his work in the field of universal energy.
Which then turned into a real passion for the harnessing of its infinite wisdom, in
service to everyone ready to heal and become the better versions of
themselves in all aspects.  I’ve been drawn to study and practice different
energy healing methods with great enthusiasm.
Starting my own healing practice seemed like a natural progression for me, as now I can dedicate my efforts to assisting my clients in their personal healing
journey. I’m fully versed in the practice of Reiki and other energy healing
methods, including Crystal Healing.
Moreover, having been a Project Manager for so long, I possess good
psychological and organisational skills which I'm able to incorporate
into my Reiki practice and bring logic into it, for the benefit of my clients.
I also feel very proud and lucky to collaborate alongside my daughter
(Antonia) who is a very keen astrologist. Her birth charts are available here.

Some of the benefits my clients experienced after a Reiki healing session with me:

Emotional benefits:

  • Helped clear emotional blockages caused by suppressed emotions, improving the general sense of wellbeing. 

  • Helped summon the inner strength and courage to overcome own fears, reducing negative thinking.

  • Improved personal & professional relationships.

Physical benefits:

  • Achieved improved sleep and a positive mood

  • Helped eliminate addictions

  • Cleansed the body of toxins, allowing the body to regain balance and to restore the immune system

Mental health benefits:

  • Provided the extra space for the brain to reorganise and recharge itself

  • Helped reduce stress and overthinking (anxiety) 

  • Achieved a general state of wellbeing and a lasting state of fulfilment

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Dana’s Reiki helped me restore my energy levels after a long period of tiredness due to lack of sleep. I’m now feeling much more confident in my own abilities to create positive change in my life and to take charge of how I view myself and the world around me. Thank you Rayaq, thank you Dana!




I received remote Reiki treatment from Dana on Monday morning just before 8am as I lay in bed relaxing before getting up.  I knew the session was about to start soon, however I had to get ready for work and cycled to the office shortly after the session started. When I sat at my desk I became aware that I felt really good and uplifted in a somewhat different way than normal.  

I’ll be interested to see the difference between remote and one on one Reiki with Dana. 

Dana has a very nice energy and I’d recommend her services. 



Dana is an amazing, intuitive and compassionate Reiki healer. Her healing sessions have helped me overcome my anxiety, by calming my mind and soul. This has boosted my self-esteem and allowed me to trust within myself even more. Additionally, I have always suffered from severe pre period pains. Before meeting Dana, I relied heavily on medication to ease the pain. But as I attended her sessions, my pain has gone and I’m feeling much better.  Dana’s energy and aura are radiant and very soothing. She is very client focused and extremely polite. The crystals she uses within Reiki sessions are beautiful! If you are looking for emotional and mental healing, then I definitely recommend her!